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The Tzedakah or Charity Box 

A container to hold coins collected to give to charity.  
The Hebrew word tzedakah comes from the root tzedek, meaning justice. 
 It is a Jewish tradition to have a box for collecting coins for the poor or needy.  
Tzedakah  Boxes are a wonderful gift to give a Jewish Family or child for any special occasion or celebration.

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 All of these Beautiful Tzedakah Boxes
 are designed and  created by Artist in the 
Gary Rosenthal Tzedakah box
The Masada tzedakah box
New York Synagogue replica Tzedakah box
Shmuel Synagogue" Bialystock, Poland,Synagogue replica Tzedakah box
Blue ceramic Tzedakah box
Tamarah Baskin Tzedakah box
Gary Rosenthal Hamsa Tzedakah box
Child's football Tzedakah Box box
Child's Noah's Ark Tzedakah Box
Metal Jerusalim scene Tzedakah Box
Hammered Metal Tzedakah box by Emanuel
Hammered Metal Tzedakah box
Blue Metal Tzedakah box by Emanuel
Wood Tzedakah Boxes
Silver and wood Tzedakah boxTzedakah Boxes